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Terms and Conditions of Dortmunder Methoden Werkstatt

1. By signing the registration form or by registering by e-mail or with the "Binding registration" via the registration system on the Dortmund Methods Workshop website, the participants must pay the event fee in full and on time after confirmation of the registration.

2. A provisional confirmation of the registration will be sent by e-mail from the organizers.  The participation fee must be paid to the account specified in the confirmation/invoice no later than 14 days after receipt of the confirmation/invoice.

3. The registration for the booked workshop or workshops only becomes binding for the respective organizer after the booking has been received.

4. If the participation fee is not paid on time, there is no right to participate. With the complete and timely payment of the participation fee, those who have registered obtain the right to participate in the workshop package booked.

5. Up to 6 weeks before the start of the booked workshop or workshops, participants can cancel without incurring any further costs. If the cancellation occurs later but before the beginning of the workshop, the participants owe 80 percent of the total participation fee. If the place at the event can be occupied elsewhere, a processing fee of 10 percent of the full participation fee must be paid. The organizer will refund the corresponding amount if the participants have already paid their participation fee. Suppose participants have not paid the participation fee yet by the time they cancel. In that case,  this does not release them from the obligation to pay the course fee but only reduces the participation fee owed by the specification from this clause in the contract.

6. If there are too few registrations for a workshop, the organizers concerned can cancel it up to two weeks before starting. In addition, the organizer can also revoke at short notice if there is an important reason that makes it impossible for the organizer to carry out the workshop with a reasonable effort. If the organizers cancel the workshop, they will reimburse paid participation fees. For the rest, claims for damages due to non-compliance with the event are excluded.

7. The organizers are only liable to the participants for property damage that they or their employees cause intentionally or through gross negligence.

8. The prices categories are as follows: Prices​

9. The participants agree that the terms and conditions and data protection regulations of the video conference platforms apply.

10. The participants undertake to treat all data exchanged in the courses and sessions and communication traffic between participants confidentially and not share it with third parties. Participants are not allowed to make their sound, image, or video recordings of the course sessions.

11. The participants agree that the course instructors may make video recordings of the video conference to inform course participants who are temporarily absent, which are confidential by point 11.

​Effective: 05/11/2021

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