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Grounded Theory for Beginners (English)

Methoden Winter Werkstatt

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Peter Stegmaier

1., 2., 8. and 9. September 2022

8-12 Uhr





The Grounded Theory for Beginners workshop aims to teach the basics and rules and valuable practical tips for systematically opening up data and developing grounded category systems. The main emphasis is on practical work with data. Different uses of the approach will be explained and discussed against the background of different research objectives. We also assume that grounded theory work requires Hermeneutic methods to interpret the data appropriately and substantiate the category systems that emerge. Working in a team is also discussed.

Two uses can be associated with the grounded theory approach: first, the generation of categories and concepts closely based on the subject matter of research; second, the research process closely related to the subject of study. In this course, we focus primarily on theory building.

The workshop is aimed both at beginners looking for orientation in the broad field of qualitative social research and at advanced researchers who want to deepen and develop their methodological knowledge on the grounded theory approach more specifically.

Workshop goals:

  • Participants learn to think in a basic grounded theory approach and apply it independently in the project process.

  • The participants will learn how to prepare the material to be interpreted within the framework of their research projects (qualification thesis or professional research) and how to interpret it in a way that is appropriate to the subject matter.


Basic knowledge of empirical social research is desirable. You can bring documents that are currently the focus of your analysis work in a digital format to the workshop. The workshop sessions are spread over ten days to give you time to try out the findings and discuss the experiences and other practicalities directly in the workshop.


The number of participants is limited to 12 to ensure enough individual participation, especially in this video conference format.

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Price Categories


150 EUR - Group 1: You belong to this group if you are a student and are currently not self-employed or employed and pay for the course yourself. If your institution pays for the course, you belong to the group 2 price category.


300 EUR - Group 2: You belong to this group if you are employed by research and educational institutions.


450 EUR - Group 3:  You belong to this group if you are employed outside the educational / research sector or are self-employed.



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