Strategies for Computer-Aided Qualitative  Data Analysis

Leitung: Dr. Susanne Friese

13./ 14. September and 4. October 2022

9 - 16 Uhr (CEST)








Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) like ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, NVivo, and others allow you to analyze qualitative data systematically and transparently without precluding openness. You can also query data in ways that are not imaginable with traditional methods. As a researcher, you can begin reading your data in the software, take notes, write memos, mark interesting data segments, and apply codes when you are ready. Code systems can be developed inductively, deductively, or using a combination of both. Based on a well-designed project, you can ask questions and find answers that would have remained hidden in the data otherwise. You don’t have to rely on intuitive hunches. You can follow up on ideas without spending days only realizing you’ve been digging yourself toward a dead end.


Nowadays, it is mainly expected that software is used to analyze qualitative data. However, there is little information in qualitative method books on how software can be integrated into the analysis process. You often find half a page that tells you that programs are available that support analysis nowadays, but this is about it. This is where the workshop comes in.


In this workshop, I will teach you what you need to know to conduct a computer-assisted analysis. We will be working with ATLAS.ti in this workshop. Each workshop participant will get a free semester license of  ATLAS.ti that can also be used after the workshop is finished. It would be too overwhelming if I were to teach three or more software packages simultaneously. There is already enough to learn that needs your attention. The focus is on the general principles of computer-assisted analysis. Thus, what you learn in this workshop can also be applied using different software programs.


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375 EUR - Category 2: You belong to this group if you are employed by research and educational institutions.


550 EUR - Category 3:  You belong to this group if you are employed outside the educational / research sector or are self-employed.



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